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hello!!!!My name is pepe

I was 26st may,1994 in ubeda . my address c/torrenueva nº26.My sing star is taurus .My fa

ourite singer is the barrio .My favourite food is pizza ,pasta. My school is la safa.My hobbies is the bulls , my nickname is vinagre and my phone numbers is 69545685425.go to disco party whith friends.I play paddel and tennis .Have two brothers one sister and one brothers.livek go to friends.My best friends is antonio angel garrido her nickname is droga .

My favourite hobbies is the bull .I train for it i love much.My fovourite bull fightr is external image morante4.jpg

Morante de lal puebla .my like much morante de la puebla house he's bohemio and sureexternal image Morante+por+bajo.JPG