My name is pedro, I'm is 16 years old, my favourite subjet is english, my favourite food is pasta and pizza. I' was born is linares in february in 1993. I' lived in Villanueva del Arzobispo in jaen. My nickname is herreros and my friends is oscar and nickname is Oskittarrr.
My hobbit is play the trompet and play football.I'm is the real madrid.I' like motos and cars. My favourite music is HIP-HOP and flamenco. My favourite film is troya. My phone number is 6548789565 and my email addrees is aceituna...._lklk_@hhhototlfl.org. I'm check tuenti and email- addrees.

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external image san-petersburgo-museo-hermitage.jpg
external image ciudad-de-polonia.jpg
This is museo hermitage in san petesburgo (rusia) and house in polonia

my favourite videoclips is la gesta 3 vidas, i like.

I live in villanueva del arzobispo (jaen), i have got is plaza de toros very beutifoul and campo de futbol in cesped. This is calles in citi in very big and beutifoul.