Hello beautifull !!

My name is Margareth bur my nickname´s Marga. I´m sixteen years old, my birthday´s 4 th on March. I live in Ibros but I studing in SaFa (uBeda).

I have got a hair black, my eyes are brown and I´m big.I like to music, dance, going to my friend. I love to speak and to computer (tuenti). I every weeked going to Ubeda with my friends to street drink. I live for my family, mi mum is teacher in Bailen, my dad is worker to factory the aceite in Ibros (MaRtinez) with my brother, and my anoter brother is student for granada for teacher.

my number phone is 62636647, my email adress is beautiful_prinncees@hotmail.com
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My favourite film is troya, a film by brath pit and orlando bloom they are the most beautiful for the world. I have watched two trousand times!!! I have very grups the music for el barrio, alex ubago, jonas brothers, el canto del loco, melocos, pitbull... etc

I like the football but I don´t practise. my fravourite team is el Real Madrid and my favourite player is cristiano ronal, I´m crazy loving for his, I never losened the patis where play cristiano ronaldo.

I visited little but I'd like to visit more. I like for example the caribbe, the islas baleares, the argentina, the paris... etc