zHello!! My name´s Isa.I´m fourteen years old.I´m from Úbeda.My nickname is iSiiyaa.My address is 18 Av.Andalucia street.I´m two brothers and one sister.My star sign is Sagittarius. My favourite singer is Fondo Flamenco.My favourite food is pizza and drink coca cola ajajjajaaj .My email address is isa_lokiya94@hotmail.com.My hobbies are go out with my friends, go party, go to cinema, etc...My phone number is 677677677. My favourite subject is English jOjO =)!!My birthday is 15 December.My favourite film is " AlgO paSa en laS vegaS".I go to school called safa.My best friend is Sonia.

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I visited Islas Baleares,Portugal,Galicia


external image playa-de-rodas-islas-cies_1174678406.jpg


external image portugal-plaza.jpg

-Islas Baleares

external image 20070410klpgeodes_92.Ies.SCO.jpg