My name is Elena. I was born 21st May, 1986 in Jaén so I'm 23 years old. I have lived in Linares since I was born and I work in Úbeda, in a school called SAFA.

I'm a blond girl with blue eyes and I like listening to music, going to cinema, going out with my friends and reading good books. I love computers but I just use them to work. Every afternoon, I drive to Jaén on my new car because I'm studying and working at the University.
Here you have my VOKI. It's my avatar and it can speak in English!

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My favourite film is "City of Angels", a film by Meg Ryand and Nicholas Cage. I have watched it one thousand times!
I don't have a favourite song or singer but I like music a lot and I usually listen to R&B, Black Music, Pop, Pop-Rock and some Spanish Pop. I like Lenny Kravitz, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé,La Oreja de Van Gogh, El canto del Loco, Amy Winehouse, etc.
My favourite team is Real Madrid and I love tennis. Of course, I'm a Rafa Nadal's supporter.

I really like travelling around the world. I have visited many different places: United Kingdom, Scotland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Germany. I'm going to visit Ireland this summer!!

Here you have some pictures of my different trips around Europe.

Munich (Germany)
London (UK)
Edinburgh (Scotland)
Prague (Czech Rep.)

Budapest (Hungary)
Viena (Austria)

Here you have my favourite Music Video. It's Daniel Powter's song and I like the video because it tells a funny and interesting story.

here you have some information about Linares, the place where I was born. It's a beautiful city and I think you can enjoy some of the pictures there.

This is one of my favourite songs.It is called: "Listen" and the singer is Beyoncé. I like it because it's romantic song and she is a very good singer!;)