Hi! my name is Encarni. I'm fifteen years old. I'm from Úbeda. My nickname is enkarnuxii. My address is 15 San Marcos street. I'm one brother your name is Jose. My favourite singer is Fondo Flamenco, Reggaeton and house. My favorite shown restraint(eaten) is the pizza and pasta. I am charmed with going out of holiday(party) and being with my friends. My number of mobile is 663354142. My favorite series of television are physical and chemica. My mother is Josefa and my father is Jose. My birthday is 27 june. I love drink alcohol. My hobbie es play tennis and drive motor bike.My email address is (la_ninia_der_tum_tum_pack@hotmail.com)

I am a girl brunette with brown eyes 'm tall and nice study at a school called safa I dedicate the afternoons to do homework and go out with my friends. I live in a house next to a park.
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My dream is to travel to paris to disney landia because I have relatives who have gone and very interesting this one this place in addition is enterteining .
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I have visited many different places but the one that mas I have liked has been a magic island in (sevilla) has many adventures and the days there they are unforgettable. There are many lovely attractions are one of the best fairgrounds.external image dragon-khan.jpgexternal image p2224.jpg

Also the best place to travel is a grey-haired top the Carib, is a nice tour by ship and his(her,your) beaches are the best, it is a good site(place) to spend(pass) the vacations. It(he,she) is incredible

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