Hello!!!!! My name is Cristina Muñoz López.I' m fifteen years old .I'm from Jimena.My address is 24 C/San Ejido San Sebastian .My nickname is Cristinuela.I'm one sister .My favourite singer is Barrio.My favourite food is pizza and pasta the drink coca cola .My email address is Cristy_leoncilla@hotmail.com.My hobbies is go to the cinema and go to the party with friends .My phone number is 610802675.My favourite subjec is english :-) My birthaday is 23 september.I'm studing is school.My favourite film 2012.My colour the hair is blak .I has got eyes big.I am medium-height :-) I am nice person

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I Like because has got family

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I like because is beautiful

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My star sing is britney spears because she sings well and has got one voice beautiful.She is unique.