external image 080731_Sur_ElCopo.jpg
malaga- el copo is visitedexternal image zona_ANDORRA.jpg
andorra - is visited
external image att-terra-mitica-benidorm.jpg
is terra mitica

external image valencia1.jpg
is valencia

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My name is Oscar . I`m 15 years old . My favourite subject is maths . My favourite food is pasta is pizza . I was born 3rd august 1994 in madrid . in school in safa . but i´m I live now in sorihuela del guadalimar . My nickanme is oskar and mi friend is pedro is nickname is herreros

My hobbies play football .My football.team is Real madrid .I´like is motos my favourite music is flamenco and house .My favourite is films is 60 segundos . My favourite colour red , My phone number is 630573445. My email adrees is oscar994@example.com . My mother is ange les y my brother is francis.